Create “success” pop-ups after email
is captured that suggest pages on your site that the visitor would most likely
purchase from.

  • Social login plug-in captures social media data to analyze and make accurate recommendations
  • Easy UX to design recommendation pop-ups
  • Grow email lists without annoying clients
  • GDPR compliant consent tools
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Email Database

Increase sales from newsletters
up to 2x with gender and
name personalization.

  • Send personalized content to segmented groups based on interest or gender
  • Easily export segmented liststo your emailing tool platform
  • Increase engagement from newsletter subscribers
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Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

Utilize unique pop-up offers
to capture emails. Show the right offer
at the right time and see your email database grow by 2x.

  • Easy UX to design pop-ups (welcome, exit, triggered) and control when it pops up
  • Integrates with 5 different emailing tools
  • Engage new visitors before they exit your site forever
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