To kick off 2017, we asked 100 CMOs across various industries what they believe will drive Online Marketing, how they will spend their budget and what new technologies they will try over the next year.

Take a peek at the results below:

98% responded that Data-Driven Marketing is the way forward. The whopping majority of Marketers believe that Customer-Centricity is a top priority and Customer Data is already powering the way.

86% believe that more than 50% of their Lead-Acquisition Budget will be spent on Facebook.

82% responded that Automated Marketing Flows, Social Media, and Rich Customer Insights will be the top-ranked areas of their Marketing Investment.

71% of marketers with Innovation Budget plan on investing it in Chat Bots and Artificial Intelligence.

59% of marketers are planning to invest in Personalization Strategies to improve their customers’ online experience and increase customer engagement.


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