Online retailers are on a constant quest to improve the conversion rates on their websites. While there are many different things you can do to optimize your conversion rates, these are our three specific practices that will get you the most impactful results. These practices are specifically designed to convert a higher percentage of website traffic and drive more sales.

1) Social Media Connects

By allowing your visitors to connect with you through their social media accounts on your websites’ touchpoints you are achieving two things.

First, you give your visitors a fast and simple way to subscribe to your newsletter, login to their account, receive your coupons and so on.

And second, you are able to collect rich customer data such as name, email, gender, age, interests and location from their Social Media profiles. Apart from growing your email list, you can use all this data to create personalized experience for your customers. This will not only boost your conversion rates, but it will also help you build strong relationships with your customers and increase customer loyalty.

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2) Email Capture Form

If social connectivity is beyond your reach, capturing your visitor’s email address is the next best thing. Email leads are incredibly valuable and very important for future re-targeting purposes. Even if your visitor doesn’t convert while they’re on your website, you can hit them in the future with special offers and holiday promotions. Add a welcome pop-up with an email capture form to ensure that every new visitor gets a chance to subscribe to your mailing list.

Additionally, with Socital’s AI/ML tools used with your email capturing, you can collect additional information on these subscribers and even further convert with more personalized messages.

3) Cart Abandonment Pop-up

This last practice will help you increase your sales conversions by grabbing the attention of the visitors that attempt to leave your website. Online shoppers typically want to explore all their options before purchasing. So it’s very likely that they are also looking at your competitors in search of a better deal, leading to cart abandonment on your site.

An awesome way to prevent this from happening is by implementing an exit intent offer on your cart page. Showing your visitor a coupon code when they are about to leave will not only incentivize visitors to stay on your site, but to also complete their purchase. This specific practice increased KUTOA’s sales conversion rate by 187%!

These are quite simple changes, and using Socital’s platform to implement them makes it even easier. You will see that the above practices will boost your conversion rates in no time.

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