As the eCommerce market has become more crowded than ever, it’s become more important to focus your efforts on turning you paid traffic into subscribers so you can reach out to them directly with newsletters and campaigns. A big mistake most websites make is to only ask for email addresses. Let’s say your visitor is willing to opt-in, did you know that 77% of users prefer Facebook login over traditional username and password subscriptions? By giving visitors the Facebook option, you are able to collect their: name, age, gender, location, friends, interests, brand affinities, spending capacities. This information is 10x more valuable to sellers than emails are. It’s a win-win.

We have put together the 5 top ways to help you get more Facebook opt-ins and therefore more emails and identities on your customer lists.

1. Welcome Pop-Up

A simple greeting and discount offer can turn someone who was just browsing into someone who is make a purchase and has given you their social data. Some companies have collected more than 50 million social identities this way!

  • Delay the pop-up a few seconds to get leads who are more engaged and likely to convert later on
  • Take it one step further by creating a success page that instantly recommends them products based on the social data gathered.

2. Newsletter Subscription

You probably already have a subscription capturing section on your site. If it’s at your page footer, chances are, less than 20% of visitors see it. Get a guaranteed minimum of 5% converts by implementing an exit intent pop-up which will appear when your visitors are about to leave your website.

  • Place anywhere on your site. Check out the types of pop-ups we offer to capture leads
  • Ensure that you offer newsletters they are interested in

3. Offer Rewards

People love rewards and they will be willing to give you their info for a discount or a free gift. It doesn’t have to be a simple pop-up offer. See one company that created a website scavenger game for her customers to find rewards!

  • Offer a welcome discount or a free shipping coupon when visitors show intent to exit. See how that works!
  • Make your rewards attractive and seemingly exclusive. Offer a promotion code when a visitor goes to a certain page on your website and stays more than 5 seconds.

4. Run a Contest

Run a contest on Facebook or through your website, but make sure you require people to sign up via Facebook and “Connect To Enter the Contest” so you can get all that rich data for later use.

  • If you run a contest on Facebook ads, make sure to direct your traffic to a standalone contest page.
  • You can also ask for extra information such as a poll question, to learn more about your customer

5. Like & Share

By now, your visitor has happily connected with you thanks to your one click process and incentives. If you’ve done it right and the subscriber is happy with their deal, they are likely to share your page with their friends. This is important because, referrals have been proven to hold more weight than advertisements, so take care to make the experience personalized and enjoyable for the visitor.

  • Ask your visitor to share your exclusive offer on your “Success Screen”.
  • Allow them to tag friends for more chances of winning if it was a contest

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