The eCommerce world is buzzing with fancy machine learning, AI and other highly sophisticated tools. If you’re worried you can’t keep up with the changes–don’t. With a few tweaks in what you are already doing, you can see instantaneous growth in your revenue. We believe that e-shops just need a few simple tools (which are generally underestimated) to gain some quick wins in their sales.

Here are the 3 tools we suggest you should use right away to improve your e-shop sales in 60 minutes:

1. (10 minutes) Analyze your existing email database through our Data Analytics Engine and get gender/ for a minimum of 65% of your emails immediately.

Then, start creating a different newsletter depending on the gender of your audience. Our data from clients using this technique shows that open rates increase by 2.5x when you differentiate your content by gender. This number could increase up to 4x for products where gender is a key factor in buying (such as fashion, cosmetics, health products, sports equipment and home products). Here are some more simple ideas to personalize your content in newsletters:

  • Change the background of your newsletter to navy blue or light blue for men and purple, orange or pink for women.
  • Use the Socital name extraction tool and personalize your newsletter with “Hello <first name>”.
  • Use simple phrases related to location for past purchasers (such as “discounted or free shipping for <location>”).

Note that you can connect your Mailchimp, Emarsys, Campaign Monitor or Moosend account very easily with Socital through our integrations and extensions.

2. (25 minutes) Create an exit intent pop up with a real value proposition.

Go beyond simple phrases like  “Be the first to know” or “Before your leave”. Change your message at your exit intent pop up to something that provides a real reason for the exiting visitor to leave his/her data with you or get back to shopping. Our clients have an average 3% CTR for their exit intent campaigns that could go up to 6% with a great value proposition. Try using these tips:

  • Offers could be: Free shipping, discount for first purchase, seasonal offerings like “Did you buy a gift for mom?” or “Still not sure how to sweeten your Valentine?”.
  • Add a sense of urgency to your deals such as offerings that may run out of stock, and early bird promotions. Use wording like “Don’t miss out on limited stock clearance!” or “Make sure you find your size on limited offers!”.
  • If your margin allows it, remember that 3 out of 4 buyers still shop online due to reduced pricing opportunities. So change your message frequently through the easy to use Socital pop-up builder with specific promotions like “Did you check our 30% discount on Burberry products?”.

3. (25 minutes) Go back to the basics with a delayed welcome offer.

While in many cases e-shops prefer not to be intrusive at their customer’s experience, a 4-5 second delayed welcome pop-up can actually help your client navigate better for their next purchase. Using Socital’s Personalized Recommendations Tool you can even solve the problem of the “cold start” by directing customers to the brands or categories they are mostly interested, even before they add products in their cart. Socital’s clients have an average CTR of 5% for their personalized welcome offers and typical cart value improvement from “home-grown” pop-ups is 2x.

  • Make messages intriguing and relevant. For example, if you were a beauty company and a new natural oil was
  • Take these welcome offers a step further by adding success pages that lead the subscriber to an area of your site they would most likely purchase from. By the way, Socital makes this part super simple with our back end AI and Machine Learning software.

See how welcome pop-ups and success screens have changed the game for our clients in lead acquisitions.

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