Socital is now integrated with Magento, allowing you to import E-commerce Data from Magento and enrich your Socital Users’ profiles!

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Find out how Socital’s integration with Magento can boost your Marketing campaigns!

Through our Magento Integration, you can now enrich your Socital Users’ Profiles with important E-commerce data including:

    • e-shop registration status,
    • buying frequency,
    • number of orders,
    • average and total order value
    • last order date
    • and more

In just a few clicks Socital aggregates E-commerce data with your users’ social, demographic and behavioral data to create a complete customer profile, all on one platform.

The E-commerce Data imported from Magento allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your users’ interactions with your website, providing you with insights to improve customized marketing campaigns and increase conversions.

With our Magento integration, you are able to create complex segments using your customers’ demographic, social and E-commerce data to answer questions like:

 Who are the visitors that register for an account on my site vs the ones that don’t?
 Who are the visitors that purchase repeatedly vs the ones that only bought once?
 Who are the visitors that have never purchased?
 How long after subscribing to my newsletter does a visitor purchase?
 Which segments have I invested in but don’t convert?

Questions like these will help you understand which customer segments convert well and which don’t. Use this information to improve your marketing efforts by creating targeted campaigns to engage visitors that have never purchased, re-activate one-time buyers and reward loyal customers.

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