Most eCommerce businesses have the same question: how do we increase sales while providing a great customer experience to gain loyalty? Socital’s mission is to provide just that. We believe personalized experiences are the key to winning customers over while encouraging them to genuinely like your company.

We decided to share a unique experience we had with one of our clients (has requested to be unidentified) that resulted in more success that we were expecting. 

Challenge #1: Our client wanted to re-engage her existing database of emails to qualify the subscribers who had never made a purchase on her website.

After consulting with her and understanding her brand, we suggested a competition where visitors could only participate by connecting with Facebook. Collecting identities with Facebook is a sure way to get rich data and valuable leads because not only do you collect their email address, you get their name, gender, age, interests and more.

TIP: We suggest using social logins whenever you can.

Challenge #2: She also wanted her old subscribers to spend more time on her new website.

Our client had recently went through a branding revamp and had new web design, new offers, and of course new pop-ups courtesy of Socital. She had a grand idea:

“What if I make my subscribers look for a hidden pop-up?”

A pop-up that could only be triggered from certain pages and actions, such as being on the women’s dresses page and about to click out of the tab, is a highlight feature of Socital’s services. This would allow the customers to not only explore the website more and unintentionally shop, but also, once the promotion was claimed, chances of conversion would increase, as well.

Our prediction was correct; the results were astonishing! By introducing this game in her newsletter, the CTR increased by 50% and the coupon use increased x2. This is how she did it:

First, she sent a newsletter to all existing subscribers. BONUS: she connected her MailChimp  account with Socital to enable seamless email campaigning with our pop-ups.

gamification popup

Then she created two welcome pop-ups. One for new website visitors:

And another for visitors coming from the newsletter she sent to her email list. While both pop-ups gave information on how to enter into the contest, it’s better that the “email visitor” didn’t receive the first pop-up. It would slightly taint the experience because they are a repeat visitor being treated like a new visitor. Having these personalized messages for different scenarios make the user experience much better and more memorable. Which is a great thing!

Then, when the visitor arrived on a chosen URL, a welcome pop-up urged them to connect with Facebook to get a hint.

After the visitor connected with Facebook, (and therefore given their email, social media data and behavioral data), a success screen displayed to push a product based on the visitor’s gender.

Finally, after spending time on the website searching and the visitor found the right product page (determined by our client in the design of her pop-up), the coupon was triggered.

The results:

 +60% newsletter Click Through Rate
 Visitors spent x3 time on the website
 The coupon was used x2 compared to similar coupons sent through email
 By using Facebook, the client has been able to enrich her email database by creating rich identities for 80% of “naked” emails
 The 5 top audiences were identified, allowing the client to start sending 5 customized newsletters
 Fake accounts/ contest “professionals” were detected and eliminated from the contest
 Influencers were highlighted


Our client experienced tremendous success by adding flair to our pop-ups. We hope this inspires you to do something similar on your site and see amazing results!

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