Ever wondered how a website knows when you are about to “x-out” of their page and a pop-up shows up, keeping you considering 2 seconds longer? How it works is, the back end of the site simply uses JavaScript and the web browser to track the movements of a user. Then these “exit pop-ups” are triggered to give you one final incentive. This is one of the most popular ways to present a call-to-action before a customer leaves.

The technology itself isn’t that complicated, but how you use it to increase your customer engagement and lead generation is where the magic happens. The more targeted your call to action is, the better. “Targeted” meaning, you understand why your customer is leaving in the first place and can cater to that reason. These are a few ways that you can use your exit intent pop-ups to re-engage visitors and increase your conversion rates.

1) Cart Abandonment Pop-up

A shopping cart abandonment pop-up appears when your customer is about to leave the cart page. Incentivizing your customer to stay at your store a little longer or showing an additional 10% off coupon could be the push they need to complete their purchase. It is also extremely useful if you run an affiliate program, since some people could be leaving your site to find a coupon code anyway, which often leaves you paying a large commission to a coupon aggregator.

2) Social Media Connects

Remember that for one reason or another, your visitor is about to leave your website. By presenting him with a long registration form where he has to type in his name, email or any other fields, you are not making the process to long for his liking. But when you add a social media connect on your exit intent pop-up, you give him the opportunity to connect with just one click using information from his existing social accounts. Most importantly you are able to collect rich customer data such as name, email, gender, age, interests and location directly from his social media profile.

3) Newsletter Sign-up

Most sites bury their newsletter subscription section in the footer and are lucky to drive a 0.05% conversion rate. But an exit intent directly asking users to subscribe can easily convert up to 10% of your visitors. From here you can continue to send them email campaigns that could help convert them as customers at a later time.

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4) Special Offer Notification

By implementing an exit pop-up with an offer notification about your latest sale, you ensure that every one of your website visitors is informed about current or upcoming promotions happening on your site. E-commerce websites can be quite busy, which means that users could miss the fact that you have promotions live. Typical conversion rates for this type of exit pop-up can range anywhere up to 20%.

5) Referral Source Promotion

Targeting your customers based on their referral sources is one of the most impactful ways you can increase your pop-up conversions. For example, if a lot of your traffic is coming from Pinterest, then you should consider showing a consistent message to the one that the same audience saw from you on Pinterest. These particular type of pop-up can convert up to 70% of users.

6) Contest Notification

Contests are a great way to generate more leads. Trigger an exit intent pop-up to let your visitors know about it before they go. Not only are you presenting a potential benefit to them, customers are more likely to remember brand that they engage with and enjoy engaging with. These type of pop-ups can convert up to 80% of users into competition entrants.

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Some may see exit pop-ups as a desperate last plea, but we believe it’s yet another way you can personalize an experience for a customer while helping you capture more conversions. Try one of these for yourself and be amazed by the results!

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