One of the jobs of a digital marketer, among many, is to increase your website’s conversion rates. Our clients around the world found that building exit-intent pop-ups through the Socital Platform is the most effective tool to increase subscription rates and drive customers back with product recommendations. One company in particular utilized our exit pop ups and saw instant results:

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Exit pop-ups don’t disrupt your visitors browsing and only appear when they are already about to leave. This gives you the perfect chance to change their mind, while you are still on their mind.

Here are 6 helpful tips for creating high converting exit pop-ups to use on your site.

1) Bold Pop-Up Design

An effective exit pop-ups is all about grabbing attention. Bold and clean designs generally perform well because they stand out while still showcasing the main message. The design of your exit pop-up should attract visitors to read your marketing message, not to distract visitors from reading the content.

A full screen pop-up and big text make sure that visitors see your call-to-action message. Here’s a good example of a full screen exit pop-up to bring visitors’ entire focus to the action of getting the coupon code.

2) Actionable Headlines

Since exit Pop-Ups will only “fire” to visitors who are leaving your site, personalize the headline to speak directly to them. Commonly we see headlines like “Wait, Don’t Go!” or “Before you go”, and truth be told, that can make visitors uncomfortable. However, we do suggest creating the sense of a missing out. So if one doesn’t leave a contact point with you, saying “Free Shipping on your first order, valid today only!” could be very convincing.

Use short headlines that are easy to understand and clearly show what you want to offer. Keeping in mind that your visitor is about to leave, only a clear and direct message will stop them from going.

3) An Attractive Offer

Though giving away margin isn’t ideal, clients are more inclined to take action when they have something to gain. Our research shows that 2 out of 3 clients will subscribe for a value proposition that includes direct or indirect financial benefits. So, make it worth it for them to stay connected with you!

Common incentives for your exit pop-up are discounts, free shipping, contests and downloading a piece of useful content. Including an incentive on your exit intent pop-up will reward you with higher subscription of up to 6x.

Consider this an initial investment to increase the lifetime value (LTV) of a client by sacrificing up front cost of acquisition. A small discount to win a repeating client is worth a temporary decrease in margin.

4) Clear Call to Action

What do you want your visitors to do? And how do they complete the action? Are you presenting the exit pop-up on a page that is relevant to the call-to-action (CTA)? Make sure that the flow you create is solid. Follow all the steps and double-check that the trigger of clicking the pop-up’s CTA leads to a flow which end up collecting your clients’ contacts.

The CTA button and copy should be very short and clear on what value the visitor would receive. And of course make it, well, actionable with buttons and texts like, “Get Discount Now”. Avoid too-complex marketing jargon and just ask what you want and describe what you’ll provide.

Socital Platform is GDPR-compliant. Create rich profiles with the proper permission.

5) Social Media Connects to your Call To Action

While most pop-ups request only the client’s email address, we strongly suggest to add a social media connect, especially the Facebook Connect Button. Our social platform integrations page shows you how your business can flourish by further utilizing the marketing tools you already use. You will gain so much more verified data apart from email like: name, age, gender and interests, directly from their social media account.  Also, less people are likely to drop-out by having an easy and secure one-click option.

6) A Limited Time offer

Creating urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity in your offers is incredibly effective at getting your visitors to take action and convert to subscribers immediately. Including a limited time offer or a countdown timer on your exit intent pop-up will make your visitors more eager to subscribe.

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