Place the right product in front of the right visitor,
at the right time!

Your visitors’ attention span is limited. You can’t afford to waste their time while they are browsing
your e-shop.

Try it yourself


Place the right product in front of them, based on their gender and what they like on Facebook.
Once visitors sign up to a newsletter or claim a discount, Socital grabs and analyzes their identity
and social data.
Along with the success message, visitors are shown a personalized product recommendation.


Visitor likes cosmetics brands or follows beauty blogs
on Facebook AND is Female.

Visitor likes the Adidas brand and you’re featuring
a new Adidas collection
 in your e-shop.

Visitor likes other sportswear brands.

Visitor likes cooking blogs and other cooking related
Facebook pages.

Visitor likes casual wear brands AND is Male.

How to activate it

Personalized recommendations can be added in the success screen of any Socital Plugin

from within the Socital Platform.

Add product recommendations to your e-shop today!