Grow your Emarsys email list fast

Launch Socital lead generation forms and campaigns on your website in minutes.
Choose from a variety of templates, enable GDPR consent, target visitors on the right moment,
and increase your Emarsys email subscribers fast and easy.

Keep your Emarsys email list always up-to-date

Socital automatically adds new subscribers into your desired Emarsys email list
each time they subscribe on a Socital form on your website.

Send targeted email campaigns based on Gender, Interest and Brands

Segment your Emarsys list by Gender and Interests and send different ad hoc email campaigns to your male and female audiences.
Create custom workflows based on Socital fields to promote targeted products based on Gender and favorite brands,
and see your email campaigns sales increase up to 2x.

Personalize Emarsys emails

Greet your subscribers with their first name in the subject line or within the email,
and see your open rates rise.

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