What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a guideline from the EU, effective from 25 May 2018. Note that there are already in place several data related regulations and Laws in many countries, so you may need to comply with them even before the effective date of GDPR.
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My company is not based in EU. Does GDPR affect me?

Most certainly yes. GDPR requires all companies with data of EU individuals to comply with GDPR, independent of their location of incorporation or doing business.

Who is the data processor and who is the data controller?

In a nutshell, the e-shop is generally the data controller and third party providers (like Socital) who provide tools to either analyze or help e-shops collect data are the data processors. However, we at Socital strongly suggest that you should seek specific legal advice on your special case to determine what you are.

Should I take action related to Socital?

No, Socital is already working on all related provisions and will be 100% complaint with GDPR Regulation prior to the effective date. You don’t need to take any action related to our cooperation, unless we ask you so.

Should I take action related to the rest of my data related actions?

Possibly. However, the Socital team prefers to avoid giving you specific advice related to actions needed for you to be compliant, apart from whatever is related to your cooperation with Socital. Once more, a specialized Legal Consultant or your local data protection authorities would be much more suitable to provide you with proper guidance.

Socital and GDPR: 7 things you need to know

  • Our tools help you collect data always with the consent of the end user. We don’t scrap or buy individual data from the web or other parties.
  • You may ask us to exercise the “Right to be forgotten” for any of your customers/users with a simple email. In that case, all data and logs related to the specific user will be erased from our system.
  • We provide full Data Transparency upon request of any of your customers/users. However, you need to ask for that on their behalf, as we don’t reveal any information about your customers/users without your prior written request.
  • We provide easy Data Portability options upon your request.
  • We keep analytical Logs of Consent for your customers/users. If any of them requires more details about when and what for they gave their permission, we can easily provide this information to you.
  • Our internal Security Protocol is highly advanced and ensures maximum protection of your data.
  • Our Terms and Conditions are updated based on the guidance by GDPR-specialist Legal Consultants.