Leading fashion e-shop increased sales by 2x

Leading fashion e-shop increased sales by 2x

The Challenge

The online retailer was using e-mail marketing as the major way of promoting new products and offers. As their mailing list was growing over time:
1. CTR was dropping below 1% and
2. Unsubscribe rate was hitting 0.5%.

The Socital Mandate

1. Understand who their visitors are and what type of products they are most likely to buy based on their demographic, personality, interests and brand affiliations.
2. Find a way to sustainably expand their mailing list with the right customers.
The Solutions used

Solution A
The client analysed their pre-existing email database (50k)
through Socital’s “Email Database Analysis” tool and:

turned 65%
of their plain emails

to complete profiles

their newsletter
by gender

greet recipients
by their
first name

Solution B
The client implemented Socital’s newsletter subscription activation

used a mix of incentives based on visitors’ on-site journey


for men and women

engaged with their visitors
at the moment
they were more likely
to submit their personal data

Currently, our customer is using the following Socital products: